About Finnish Chamber Opera

Finnish Chamber Opera is an independent organization which produces music theatre performances in-house and in collaboration with other art organisations. We have executed small-scale operas in art centres, churches and sports halls among other venues. The team is assembled according to each production, and we have seen some of the best Finnish soloists perform in our productions.


Chamber Opera operates thanks to project-discretionary grants, and the help of the City of Helsinki Cultural Board’s and the state’s Music Committee’s annual operating grants. The organisation was founded in 1988 and was managed by Risto Hirvonen until 2016. Today, our core team consist of opera singer Reetta Ristimäki (Managing Director), Mirva Koivukangas (Producer), Nea Huovinen (Producer), Vilppu Kiljunen (Artistic Advisor) and Risto Hirvonen (Chairman of The Board).

Reetta Ristimäki

Executive director

+358 50 380 3050


Mirva Koivukangas


+358 40 020 4514


Nea Huovinen


+358 50 590 1201


Risto Hirvonen

Chairman of the board

+358 40 416 0456